Root Canals: Not as Scary as You Think

Surgical-Procedures.jpgWhen you have an aching, sore tooth, your only thought is relief. Sometimes, that relief comes in the form of a root canal. A root canal procedure is your best option if the pain comes from inflamed and infected pulp in the center of your tooth. 

Why Root Canals Are Needed

Many problems can damage the pulp of a tooth, leading to the need for a root canal. Common problems include:

  • Deep cavities
  • Trauma
  • Fracture
  • Multiple Dental Procedures

For most patients, tooth pain is what prompts them to seek the dentist and consider whether or not they need a root canal.

Benefits of a Root Canal 

Why should you choose a root canal if your teeth have inflamed or damaged pulp? Because the alternative, tooth extraction, leaves you without one of your natural teeth. At Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry we can use many options, including sedation, to ensure your comfort as you seek to save your natural teeth through a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Recovery Is Easier Than You Think

You may have heard horror stories from friends about their root canal recovery, but the truth is that modern technology makes the root canal a relatively painless treatment, both during and after the procedure. You may experience some small soreness from the injection, but the tooth will likely feel better after treatment, not worse. Within 30 minutes of the procedure, you should be able to use your tooth as you normally would, without biting restrictions.

If you have an aching, throbbing tooth, it may be time to consider a root canal procedure. Contact Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry today for a consultation. Whether you have questions about root canal costs, recovery or the procedure itself, we are happy to answer them.

"They are the BEST! I love coming here!"

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