Surgical Procedures Made Simple with an in-House Oral Surgeon

Surgical-Procedures.jpgOne of the benefits of choosing Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry is the fact that we have oral surgeons on staff, so you can have your oral and maxillofacial surgery in house, without the need to get a referral to an outside oral surgeon. With our IV sedation option under the skill of a licensed nurse anesthetist, you can be confident in the process and the results you will receive from us.

Oral Surgery from a Qualified, Patient-Centered Oral Surgeon

At Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry, we offer a comprehensive list of oral and maxillofacial surgery options, including:

  • Laser Therapy - Minimizing discomfort and risk through technological advancement, we offer laser therapy for several soft tissue procedures.
  • Tooth Removal - When teeth are damaged or have too much decay, we can remove them to prevent further problems.
  • Root Canals - Take care of decayed teeth with this conventional treatment option.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction - A rite of passage for many, wisdom teeth extraction requires the care and oversight of a qualified oral surgeon.
  • Dental Implants - If you have lost or extracted teeth, we can offer dental implants to fill in the gap with a natural-looking replacement tooth.

If you need the services of an oral surgeon, choose the clinic that puts your comfort first and always uses the latest technology to improve the results of your treatment. That clinic is Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry. Call today to schedule a consultation with your oral surgeon.

"Very kind and caring staff and dentists"

"Very kind and caring staff and dentists!"   ~ Beth T.

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