Pain-Free Tooth Removal

Surgical-Procedures.jpgDoes the thought of tooth removal make you uncomfortable, with thoughts of pain and discomfort? We are offer pain free tooth extraction procedures handled completely in-house. When you visit us for tooth removal, you will leave with your damaged or diseased tooth completely removed, and no unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Multiple Comfort Options

Depending on the status of your tooth, we offer several different options to help remove pain and discomfort during teeth removal. Some patients do well with nitrous oxide gas, otherwise known as laughing gas. This gas allows you to remain awake while completely relaxing you and taking away discomfort. We also thoroughly numb the area being treated with local anesthetic. For those who prefer a more aggressive approach to comfort, IV sedation with a Licensed Nurse Anesthetist is also an option.

Tooth Extraction Handled in-House

As a full-service clinic that embraces the latest technological advances, we handle your tooth extraction in-house, without the need for a referral to the oral surgeon's office. We also have a variety of replacement options available, which we also handle in-house, to help you retain the look of your smile and the position of your remaining teeth.

Don't let broken, damaged or diseased teeth continue to bring you discomfort. With the help of Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry, you can have them removed and replaced so they no longer cause any discomfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

"Very kind and caring staff and dentists"

"Very kind and caring staff and dentists!"   ~ Beth T.

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