Dr. Rawan Yaghi

Dr._Yaghi.jpgAlthough she was born in Albany, NY, Dr. Rawan Yaghi was raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When her parents moved back to their home town of Amman, Jordan, Dr. Yaghi enrolled in the dental school at the University of Jordan. There she studied general dentistry as she realized she had a passion for helping patients with a full range of dental needs, rather than focusing on one particular area. After graduation as a Doctor of Dentistry, she married Dr. Battikhi, and in 2004 the family moved to Minnesota.

Dr. Yaghi brings that well-rounded passion to Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry, as well as a passion for patient comfort. Her favorite procedures are extractions and cosmetic restorations. Her goal is to help all patients have a beautiful, healthy smile, no matter what the current state of their teeth may be.

Dr. Yaghi is the wife of Dr. Battikhi, and together they are raising four young children. Dr. Yaghi's favorite pasttimes are spending time with her kids and watching movies with her husband. When Dr. Yaghi and Dr. Battikhi are not in the office, they enjoy spending time outdoors with their children.


"I have never felt more comfortable than I have here! Such caring and gentile staff!"   ~ Brad

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