No More Metal Mouth - Tooth-Colored Composite Cavity Fillings

DentalProcedures.jpgWe work hard to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and cavity free. Yet when cavities do occur, you need to take action quickly to remove the decay and protect the tooth from further damage. With our help, you can remove the cavity and have it filled with minimal stress and no discomfort.

Composite Fillings Mean No Metal in Your Mouth

Our goal is to provide the latest dental innovations to our patients whenever possible. That's why we offer composite fillings instead of the traditional amalgam. Our composite cavity fillings are metal-free, providing a safer, more natural-looking filling option. 

What to Expect

When you come to us for cavity fillings, we will begin the process by numbing the area we are treating. Then, we will remove the decayed tissue in your tooth. After carefully cleaning and preparing the tooth, we will add the composite, shaping and polishing it to look like your natural tooth. The composite sets quickly, leaving you with a restored, cavity-free tooth.

Fillings Without Stress or Discomfort

We understand that many people feel anxious about getting fillings. While the cavity filling process causes minimal discomfort, we want you to be completely comfortable throughout the process. Our conscious sedation procedure allows you to get a filling without any stress or discomfort. With light IV sedation, you can receive your cavity fillings without any discomfort or anxiety. You will be relaxed and comfortable the entire time, and may not even remember the procedure when it is over.

If we found a cavity during your routine dental checkup, or you are suffering from tooth pain that you think may be due to a cavity, call Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry for an appointment that works with your schedule. With our help, you can have your cavities filled quickly, so your teeth can be healthy once again.

"They are the BEST! I love coming here!"

"About 1 1/2 years ago, I was referred by a truck driver to see Dr. Battikhi. It was the best thing I ever did. My teeth were really bad and Dr. Battikhi suggested implants for my bottom teeth. Dr. Battikhi and his staff are wonderful, fun, kind and caring people. They are the BEST! I love coming here! Thank you all for everything you have done for me!"   ~ Gloria G.

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