Protect Broken or Cracked Teeth with Dental Crowns

DentalProcedures.jpgWhen teeth are weak, broken or damaged, restoring their shape, size and strength is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and a proper bite. Broken or damaged teeth can be further damaged without proper protection. Dental crowns help restore broken, damaged or weak teeth to protect your look and your bite.

Multiple Crown Options to Provide the Best Possible Treatment

A tooth crown is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Different teeth require different types of crowns.

Solid Zirconia Crowns

We use BruxZir Solid Zirconia technology for our crowns, as it offers a natural look and a durable finish. These crowns are strong and chip-resistant, making them ideal for damaged back teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

When front teeth need to be protected with a dental crown, matching the color of the surrounding teeth is essential to providing a pleasing overall look. In these instances, ceramic crowns are the best fit. We utilize all-ceramic restorations with no metal core, providing a natural look. With one of our ceramic tooth crowns, you will not be able to distinguish the crown from your natural teeth.

We Make Your Comfort Our Priority

We will use a variety of techniques to help you feel comfortable, including conscious sedation when required. You will leave our office with a mouth full of beautiful, protected teeth, without stress, anxiety or discomfort.

As a full service dental clinic, we are able to fit and place your crown at our facility. We also strive to protect our schedule so you can get an appointment quickly. If you have a chipped, cracked, broken or weak tooth, you need to get help fast.

Contact us for a fast appointment, so you can get your tooth crown to restore the look of your smile and protect your tooth from further damage.

"They went above and beyond to complete my care!"

"All staff is friendly and inviting. They were very supportive of my situation and never judgmental. They went above and beyond to complete my care!"   ~ Staci F.

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